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Crystal Fighters Announce New Album & New Track “Ways I Can’t Tell”- Listen

London electro folk band ‘Crystal Fighters‘ have announced via their official facebook page that their upcoming third album will be on 21st October, and will feature the new crazy song “Ways I Can’t Tell“, as well as recently released single ‘All Night’.

Ways I Can’t Tell is crazy tropical beat folk song taken from their upcoming third album “Everything Is My Family“. The band have also confirmed release date of album through their twitter account.

Explaining about song the band said : “We wrote it in the Canary Islands, which are this group of beautiful Spanish speaking islands off the coast of Africa. We just had a ukulele, a charango, a small guitar and a microphone with us and just came up with that tropical sounding riff and chords on those instruments, writing overlooking the rough Atlantic Ocean on the north side of the island watching the waves beating against the shore. We finished off the production in Los Angeles and London, turning it into a kind of crazy tropical beat folk song which builds into a sort of 90s rave rinse out. We thought this style would suit the energy of the lyrics and give people with that kind of unrequited crush the confidence to approach their love and say to hell with it: ‘Wanna dance?‘”

Listen Preview Of Ways I Can’t Tell

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